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On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the first sitting of the European Parliamentary Assembly, which became the European Parliament in 1962, the Directorate General for Information launched a Call for Proposal in June 2007 to co-finance projects aimed at providing relevant and timely information to European Citizen on European Affairs in general and the particular role played by the European Parliament as a democratically elected body.
The votes made by elected Members of the European Parliament, on behalf of the citizens they represent, ensure that those citizens voices are heard on a whole range of important issues affecting everyday lives.
Web Radio European Parliament Education is one of the projects selected by the European Parliament aimed at all, but specifically at students and teachers in the schools of the Member States.
Using the newest web technologies, the heart of the project is to educate European citizens on Europe and to promote European intercultural awareness and citizenship.
The project started on February 2008 with a deadline of March 2009. It is structured around the following five actions:

  1. WEB-SIDE  www.ciaoeurope.eu  Provides training and information aids available in many community languages in order to deepen knowledge on the European Parliament and the European Union and allowing citizen participation in debates about European issues in web streaming with on line contents (web broadcasts, forum) or live contents (directed web). Visitors can view and download audio/video contents, to be informed on project developments, to look up news on EU daily published and to take part in the forum.
  1. FORUM  Everyone is invited to express his/her own opinion on the role of EP and EU. The forum will also be useful to obtain ideas and inputs on the two pilot experiences scheduled in the project itself: E-learning course of Education on Europe and Web Broadcasts.
  1. WEB BROADCAST  Pilot experience tested by 10 schools of different Member States. The students involved produce 15 weekly web broadcasts of a duration of 7 minute each on EP and EU topics. The web broadcasts produced are always available on this web side.
  1. E-LEARNING COURSE  in Education on Europe in general and specifically on the European Parliament will be tested by a limited number of selected classes. This pilot experience will consist of 20 lessons with educational (didactic) aids available in 23 Community languages. At the end of the testing, the e-learning course will be proposed to all Member States schools as an innovative, didactic example for European citizen training.
  1. PRESS CONFERENCES:7th May 2008 , Rome  – 9th May 2008, Padua
    Launch presentation of the project. Delegates will be invited of: national and foreign press, Members of the European Parliament, European and National Institutions, students and teachers.
    March 2009 final Press Conference to communicate and make available the pilot experiences results to all European schools. Delegates of the web broadcasts journalists and teachers invited will also have the opportunity to discuss with Members of the EP about some specific themes which have emerged during the year.

The project has a double purpose. To bring Europe closer to its citizens, especially the young, through an accurate spread of information on the European affairs arising from the European value of culture and teaching.
To raise the knowledge of the EU in order to strengthen active European citizenship.

e-mail: info@ciaoeurope.eu; info@ciao-europa.eu

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